President Wilmot W. Kunney’S Proclamation on ULAA ELECTIONS – 2017

National Administration


1629 K Street

NW Suite 300

Washington, DC 20006

TEL: 202-688-2792

Office of the President


RE: Proclamation Notice of Elections

Where as, the 43rd Annual General Assembly of the Union is scheduled to be held in the City of De Moines, Iowa, AND,

Where as, the Constitution of the Union of stipulates that Elections of National Administrative officers take place at the Annual  General Assembly by accredited representatives of member chapters of the Union in Good Standing, AND,

Where as, the constitutional terms of offices for officers elected at the 41st Annual General Assembly expire in September, 2017, AND,

Now, therefore, the National Administration hereby proclaims that elections of National Administrative officers will take place at this year Annual General Assembly in De Moines, Iowa, with the declaration of the below offices open for contestation:

  1. Office of National Executive President
  2. Office of National Executive Vice President
  3. Office of  National General Secretary
  4. Office of National Treasurer
  5. Office of National Financial Secretary
  6. Office of Eastern Region Vice President
  7. Office of Northern Region Vice President
  8. Office of Southern Region Vice President
  9. Office of Western Region Vice President

The National Administration, further, calls on the ULAA Elections Commission to begin the process that will facilitate the holding of free, fair, and peaceful elections, and the smooth transfer of power consistent with the ideals and principles of the Union.

Together We Struggle For A Better Liberia!

Issue on this 19th day of January, 2017, in Washington, District of Columbia (DC).

Sincerely yours,

Wilmot W. Kunney