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WASHINGTON, January 1, 2018 – The Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas, (ULAA or The Union) congratulates President-Elect His Excellency George Manneh Weah for his victory in the Run-Off elections held on December 26, 2017 in Liberia. President – elect Weah won with a 23% margin over his rival Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai. As of 3:00PM on Friday, December 29, 2017, the National Elections Commission of Liberia (NEC) announced that George Manneh Weah has a total of 732,185, which accounts for 61.5%, while Vice President Joseph Boakai has a total vote of 457,579, and accounts for 38.5%, with a margin of 274,606 or 23%.


ULAA wants to further congratulate President-elect Weah for beginning a good conversation with his former rival Vice President Boakai, his colleagues at the Liberian Senate and the Liberian people by calling on them to join him in the building of the new Republic of Liberia. ULAA believes that a nation triumphs when Business, Government and Society (BGS) work closely together, and that any one of these three vibrant elements cannot survive on its own. The call by President-Elect George Manneh Weah is just and a good start.


ULAA maintains that for a nation to witness any growth in a new government, that government MUST be firmed in her decisions, irrespective of political, social and tribal affiliations. ULAA strongly recommends that the Weah Government MUST move swiftly to establish a Court of Corruption to deal with cases emanating from corrupt practices, a life-long and deepened practice that continues to eat the fabrics of the Liberian society and economy. ULAA cries out to the Weah Government to conduct the people’s business in straight adherence of the Liberian Constitution and existing policies. ULAA further cries out to the Weah Administration to be mindful of White Collar thieves, for they only cry wolves to distract the path of development, while at the same time diverting Liberia’s meager resources into their personal use.

ULAA says the Liberian people are frustrated with certain practices of past governments, and they see the Weah Administration as the Government for the people, and their rights, so guaranteed in the Liberian Constitution, cannot be impeded by any individual or group. ULAA recognizes the current gains made under the Sirleaf’s Administration, and promises to provide advisement to the new government and promote her policies, if need be. However, ULAA observes that 12 years of slow improvement in the people’s conditions warrants a low score for the current Administration, and it hopes that the Weah Administration will do the right thing to Country and people above self or family. ULAA further maintains that where there are violations on the people’s constitutional rights, it will waste No time to hold the Weah Government to her feet to provide answers and/or immediate solutions.


ULAA says it expects the Government to cater to the basic needs of the people, such as providing good public education, healthcare, food sufficiency, and a secured environment for their enjoyment.

ULAA comes to H. E. George Manneh Weah this First Day of January, 2018, to counsel with him and his Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, who, like us, have been elected to carry out a mandate of the Liberian people here in the US Diaspora, in order that without partisanship and tribal bigotry, the Weah Government and ULAA may cooperate and collaborate to continue the restoration of our national wellbeing and, equally important, to build on the carcasses of the past a new structure designed better to meet the present problems of modern civilization in the Republic of Liberia. Indeed, such a structure includes not only the relations of industry and agriculture and finance to each other, but also the effect which all of these three have on our individual citizens and on the people as a Nation.

ULAA deeply recognizes when President-Elect Weah said in his acceptance speech in part, “I will not write for you the best speeches, but I will make for you the best decisions to develop Liberia. I know one day Liberians will get tired with me, and so I want to leave a big mark before that time.” ULAA says President-Elect Weah’s comments give the Liberian people a renew change of hope, and a truth historical perspective of himself, when he spoke shyly but acted swiftly, and became the BEST Soccer Player in Liberia, the BEST Soccer Player in West Africa, BEST Soccer Player in Africa, and the BEST Soccer Player of the World.

In his forceful but usual convincing voice, ULAA National Executive President, Hon. Vamba S. Fofana said, “We cannot go back again; modern civilization must not stand still in Liberia. We have to undertake new methods to put Liberia amongst comity of nations. It is our task to perfect, to improve, to alter when necessary, but in all sincerity Liberia and Liberians MUST go forward with one voice, in unanimity. To consolidate what we are doing, to make our economic and social structure capable of dealing with modern life means a whole lots of sacrifices and the joint task of Liberia’s National Legislative, the Judicial, and the Executive branches of the national Government.”


Now that Liberia is definitely in the process of recovery, ULAA says lines have to be rightly drawn between those who want the BEST in and/or for Liberia and those who are self-centered and are against progress. This means, a reform of many old methods from decadent regimes to a permanent readjustment of many of our ways of thinking, and therefore, of many of our social and economic activities. ULAA says this is the time for true nation building free of corrupt practices, mismanagement, malfeasance, misfeasance and the misplacement of qualified individuals in positions.

Meanwhile, ULAA congratulates Vice President Joseph N. Boakai for the mature and robust concession speech made on Friday, December 29, 2017. ULAA appreciates Vice President Boakai’s speech and describes it as one full of rigor and a reassurance of Liberians that despite his lost, Liberia is above all citizens. “I congratulate the winner, Ambassador George Manneh Weah, and pray that God will guide and guard him as he takes upon the onerous responsibility of steering the affairs of our nation,” said Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai.


ULAA recognizes the significance of Vice President Boakai’s speech, when he, the Vice President, made the clarion call for Liberians to “Think Liberia, Build Liberia, and Love Liberia.” As President-Elect, George Manneh Weah officially swears into office on Tuesday, January 16, 2018 as Liberia’s 25th President, ULAA calls on all of its member chapters and Liberians throughout the Mighty Globe to roll up their sleeves and get ready to make the sacrifices to build Liberia for a Change of Hope.


Together, we will deliver the promise of service. Together, we will unite for the common good of our beloved Country, Liberia. Together, we will struggle for a vibrant, cohesive and better Liberia. The great pride we take in being part of ULAA derives from more than just the outstanding caliber of individual community involvement; it also stems from belonging to a community characterized by integrity, open-mindedness and dedication to serving others with compassion.


About ULAA
The Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA) is the umbrella organization representing Liberians and their various organizations in the Americas. ULAA is a voluntary, nonprofit, and non-governmental organization formed on July 4, 1974 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America. The mission of ULAA is to advance the just causes of Liberians and Liberia at home and abroad.