ULAA National President Holiday Message!

Fellow Liberians
It is with great honor that I bring you season greetings on behalf of my family, and the National Leadership of ULAA. As we continue to experience the distractions and challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, I would like to take a moment to express my deep appreciation for how our communities have responded to these challenging times.
I truly appreciate the hard work and ingenuity each of you continue to show in your support of your local Communities, local Chapter Leaders, the National Executive Team, and the National Board of Directors. Since our ascendency to national leadership on October 17, 2021, we have seen how tirelessly each of you and your Local Chapter Leadership have worked with us to find ways to engage our communities in both the Diaspora and Liberia.
We presented a three-pillar plan when we took office to be addressed within the first 100 days of our administration. The Three-Pillar Plan which includes Community Engagement, ULAA Policies, and Procedures, & Marketing and Communication resulted from extensive research during our campaign trail as we interacted with scores of Liberians across the nation. I want to say that “We heard you”!
For the past sixty-seven days, our Administration has engaged Liberians across the country in multiple ways. ULAA hosted The Liberian Immigration Fairness Act (LRIF) summit. This virtual event was held in collaboration with several other immigration advocacy groups, including Diana Konate of African Communities Together, Inna Simakovsky, Partner at Simakovsky Law, a representative from USCIS, and the Liberian Honorary Consul General, Hon. Jackson George, Jr. to ensure that eligible Liberians had access to this vital information so that they could register and create the path to green card and citizenship. Many chapter leaders of ULAA, ULAA members and many other Liberians along with Focus on Liberia, A Major Media Platform in the diaspora was present to streamline the event on Facebook, YouTube, and through other mediums. An information rich LRIF Resource Guide was developed and shared with Chapter Leaders and Communities across the USA following the summit. Realizing the importance of the issue, ULAA launched an “LRIF Day” by asking all Liberians to call congress and ask them to extend the deadline of December 20, 2021. We are hopeful of the results!
Our Administration continues to provide strong support to the Dual Citizenship effort in Liberia and we are thankful to all our tireless fighters for this cause. We solicit your financial support and ask that you join us in our campaign by asking our senators to pass this bill which was passed in the House of Representative on November 11, 2021. Our country needs every single one of us, because once a Liberian You are Always Liberian! You will be hearing from us soon with more details on what you can do to help move this effort forward.
We were privileged to have participated in the ushering of new and vibrant Leadership Teams in Iowa and Connecticut and are also currently in talks with two estranged Chapters to rejoin the Union. Additionally, we are working with two other new Chapters to join the Union. Stay Tuned! The Administration and the National Leadership Council (comprising of Chapter Presidents of ULLA) had discussions on issues affecting our communities resulting in some insightful recommendations that will help chart our path forward as we develop robust solutions as a UNION.
The Executive Team is currently reviewing the policies and procedures of ULAA and compiling recommendations to make changes that will strengthen the Union and ensure transparency. In addition, the communication infrastructure of ULAA is being developed so that we are effectively and professionally communicating to the Liberian people on all media platforms.
Fellow Liberians, for nearly 47 years, the shared value of our Union helped bring us through trying times in our nation’s history. I encourage you as Liberians across the Americas to communicate your issues, collaborate, share your ideas, volunteer your time to your local chapters, and overall, keep us in your prayers.
Christmas is a time of joy, peace, unity, and to celebrate unconditional love with our families and friends. As we celebrate the holidays, let us take time to reflect on our lives, our achievements, our blessings, our strengths, and our weaknesses. Moreover, let’s look forward to a greater 2022 and work together for the betterment of our Liberia.
Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.
Thank You and God bless.
Your Humble Servant,
J. Shiwoh Kamara
National President
Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas