The Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA) has begun holding discussions with all stakeholders to resolve the debacle manifested at the September 16, 2023 National General Assembly, which necessitated elections from being held.

Recognizing the excruciating pain the impasse caused, the National Administration  convened an extraordinary emergency meeting on Tuesday, September 19, 2023, with chapter leaders across the United States for their opinions and suggestions that would lead to a united and progressive Union. 

Following said meeting, the National Administration on Friday, September 22, 2023, requested a meeting with members of the National Board of Directors. The meeting sought to solicit additional views, suggestions, and comments on the way forward. Members of the National Board of Directors, unfortunately, failed to show up despite substantial efforts and prior notifications on the part of the National Administration. 

In addition, during the recent General Assembly, the then Chairman of the Board, Mr. Alfred Sieh, Secretary of the Board, Mr. James Barclay, first vice Chairman, Mr. Dao Kamara, all of whom saw nothing on planet earth to allow a vote to take place, interrupted the meeting, thus, preventing the General Assembly to take a decision regarding the matter that was before it. 

The General Assembly was principally supposed to have taken an up and down vote on the three chapters (Georgia, Iowa and FOLAO), but could not proceed because of the interruption of the entire 49th General Assembly. 

Despite these disappointing situations, the National Administration wishes to inform that the leadership of the Board of Directors of ULAA does not have any constitutional authority to take over the affairs of the Union as is being circulated by unauthorized individuals claiming to be legitimate authority of the Union.

Also, the leadership of the Board is elected by their peers ONLY and does not have any authority to REPLACE the National Administration as they have been misleading the public to believe.

Besides, the National administration of ULAA notes that the leadership of the Board of Directors’ authority expired on September 16, 2023.

The Union, again, cautions all members of the public, chapter leaders, and stakeholders not to be carried away by the former Board Chairman, Mr. Alfred Sieh. Mr. Sieh has no credence, has outlived his usefulness in his chapter, and had been replaced since a year ago, thereby, providing him no authority to discuss any issues involving ULAA.  

Furthermore, the National Administration acknowledges that Mr. Hayford Jarpa has no constitutional authority to dictate the affairs of member chapters of the Union. Mr. Jarpa is intentionally causing confusion in the UNION’s affairs by attempting to create a PARALLEL STRUCTURE to the National Administration. 

According to the ULAA’s Constitution, Chapter XV11, the critical role of the National Leadership Council is to serve as an Advisory body to the Administration. Unfortunately, Mr. Jarpa has now taken onto himself a strange authority to create a combative relationship with the National Administration. 

Henceforth, and given that his position as a coordinator has no constitutional basis, the National Administration wishes to advise and suggest to chapter leaders to desist from giving Mr. Jarpa any further recognition.

The National Administration of ULAA will continue to make more effort to work with members of the Board and all other organs of the Union to amicably resolve those issues that hindered the conclusions of the 49th General Assembly. 

The National President of ULAA, Honorable J. Shiwoh Kamara, is committed to holding a free, fair, and transparent elections and transfer of power as enshrined in Chapter V111, Articles 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 of the ULAA’s Constitution. 

The administration remains focused on conducting consultations with all stakeholders of the Union to ensure that elections are held in an orderly and peaceful atmosphere, void of the recent interruptions that are inimical to ULAA’s guiding principles of upholding the true tenets of democratic values in which the rule of law prevails.

The ULAA, as an institution, must find the resolution of its current impasse through the involvements, inputs, and collaborations of its chapter members and their leaderships and encourages all to support this process.

Meanwhile, in coming days, the leadership of ULAA will engage in meetings with members of its Leadership Counsel, the National Board of Directors as well as its Eminent Persons in order to find peaceful resolutions to the current crisis. 

ULAA calls on all its members to exercise patience, restraints and support its leadership as it seeks a peaceful path to this year’s elections stalemate. 

Defined by a common purpose, together we struggle for a better Liberia. 


J. Shiwoh Kamara 

National President -ULAA

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