Congresswoman, Mary Gay Scanlon Pledges Support to ULAA, and Guarantees Immigrants Will be Treated Equitably in America

By Danlette G. Washington

Union of Liberian Associations in Americas (ULAA) had its 47th inauguration event on Saturday, March 26, 2022. Hon. J. Shiwoh Kamara and Hon. Minerva Grant was installed as President and Vice President, and other regional authorities were sworn in at the occasion.

Mary Gay Scanlon, a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, was the keynote speaker. Liberian-Americans in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, have a powerful effect on the city, she said.

In her remarks at the ceremony, Congresswoman Scanlon said she has seen the strong Liberian advocacy, athletics and leadership abilities of the people she represents.

As she said, “I observed Liberia’s power in victory at the Philadelphia’s 2021 Unity Cup Football Tournaments.”

The esteemed guest speaker made it clear that she will continue to work with Liberians to create decent employment, economic and educational opportunities to everyone in the Philadelphia area.

Congresswoman Scanlon spoke on the difficulties that newcomers experience, as well as the Liberian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act.

“I am running for Congress because I believe that the immigrant populations deserve better treatment,” she said.

In the 5th Congressional District of Pennsylvania, she added, “We see the power of our Liberian community right here.”

Congresswoman Scanlon concluded her remarks by assuring Liberians of her support for equal treatment of immigrants and development both domestically and internationally.

“I will keep fighting for our Liberian neighbors here and abroad. I hope you know you have an advocate fighting for the Liberian community in congress,” Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon.

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