Philadelphia, Pennsylvania- October 9, 2023

The leadership of the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas ( ULAA) led by Hon. J. Shiwoh Kamara denounces the recent actions taken by the former leaders of the Board of Directors whose tenures clearly had expired. 

The Board’s alledged unilateral appointment of an interim administration without valid constitutional grounds is a glaring violation of ULAA’s democratic processes, which undermines the principles of fairness and transparency in our parent Liberian organization.

The administration, under the abled leadership of Hon. J. Shiwoh Kamara, has consistently upheld the constitutional rules of ULAA. President Kamara and the National Leadership Council as well as several members of the Board of Directors are collaborating to resolve current state of affairs in ULAA  by being proactively engaged in constructive dialogue. 

The President embraces various suggestions and recommendations aimed at strengthening the Union and ensuring a democratic, transparent, and inclusive electoral process.

Suggestions and recommendations put forth by the National Leadership Council and members of the Board of Directors include:

1. Full Investigation: Initiating a comprehensive and impartial investigation into the incidents leading to the disruption of the ULAA General Elections. This investigation will cover all aspects of the electoral processes addressing delegate selection, the roles played by individuals in the National Leadership Council, and any other pertinent issues.

2. Systematic Delegate Selection Reform: Implementing reforms in the systematic delegate selection process base on the findings of the investigation. These reforms will enhance transparency, accountability, and inclusivity, ensuring a fair representation of the membership.

3. Addressing Chapter Protests:Fairly and transparently reviewing grievances filed by ULAA Chapters against their leadership. Appropriate actions taken to address any legitimate concerns raised by the chapters.

4. Recommendation for New Election Date: Recommending a new date for the ULAA General Elections as a result of recent  disruptions that necessitated the need for reforms. This fresh start will enable improved processes and uphold the democratic rights of ULAA members.

President Kamara remains firm in his commitment to peace, unity, and development of ULAA. He is dedicated to peacefully organizing elections and strengthening an environment where the voice of every ULAA member is heard and respected.

A letter of communication has been sent to the Eminent Council of ULAA urging their intervention in this matter. The entire administration stands firmly in support of President Kamara and calls upon all stakeholders within ULAA to uphold the organization’s Constitution and democratic values.

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