June 29, 2023: The elections commission announces the preliminary list of applicants for the ULAA 2023
general elections.
Applications were received for the following national administration positions:

Applicants for the office of National President and Vice-President:
A. Mr. J. Shiwoh Kamara and Ms. Minerva Grant
B. Mr. Mohammad Keita and Mrs. Emmanuette Nagbe

Applicants for the office of National General Secretary
A. Mr. Stephen S. Binda
B. Mr. Borbi B. Bropleh

Applicants for the office of National Treasurer
A. Mr. Jerry Massaquoi
B. Ms. Cynthia Karbo

Applicant for the office of National Financial Secretary
A. Mr. William Jallah

Applicants for the office of Regional Vice President
A. Northern Region
I. Mr. Alpha Tongor
B. Eastern Region
I. Mr. Alexander A. Bazzie
II. Mr. Morris A. Momo
C. Southern Region
I. Mr. James Tambah
II. Mr. Layee M. Toure
D. Western Region – No Applicants

Approved by the Authority of ULAA Elections Commission.
Signed: James McCabe

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