PRESS RELEASE: ULAA Named 2023 Convention Election Commissioners

The Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA) 49th General Assembly has  been declared as its general election year.  The 2023 General Assembly and elections will take place in the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the weekend of September 15th thru 17th, 2023.  ULAA’s General Assembly is the largest gathering of Liberians in the Americas with an estimated 2000 registered chapter members to attend this year’s Assembly.

Meanwhile, the Union’s National President, Hon. J. Shiwoh Kamara has nominated several esteemed community members to serve on the Elections Commission. The nomination of these distinguished personalities is in keeping with Chapter XI Article  2 (b) of the Union’s Constitution. Chapter XI, Article 2 (b) states, “the President shall nominate members of Semi–Autonomous Commissions and National Standing Committees with the advice and consent of the Board.” Those nominated by the President for confirmation are:

1.  Hon.  Bartee Togba- Chairman designate, Liberian Association of Pennsylvania

2.  Hon. Aflowa Zaza- Co-Chairperson designate, Liberian Association of North Jersey

3. Hon. James McCabe – Secretary-designate, Federation of Liberian Association in Ohio (FOLAO).

4. Hon. Cora Wallace Sneh, Member designate, Organization of Liberians in Minnesota

5. Hon. Telee Brown, Member designate, Staten Island Liberian Community Association

6. Hon. George Blay, member designate, Liberian Community Association of Washington DC/Metro Areas

7. Hon. Columbus Zinnah, Member designate, Liberian Association of Indiana

These individuals were selected following a thorough vetting process across the United States involving outstanding Liberians with experience and integrity. The nominees will meet with the National Board of Directors for a confirmation hearing in furtherance of satisfying the constitutional requirement of Chapter IX Article 3 of the Union’s  Constitution.

Additionally, the Union will shortly announce the calendar of events leading to this year’s convention. ULAA encourages all individuals and Liberian-owned businesses wanting to advertise or attend this year’s event to contact its National Secretariat.    

ULAA Communications Department

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