ULAA Spotlight – Featuring Bettie Johnson Mbayo

By Danlette Grace Washington 

Today on ULAA Spotlight we are featuring Mrs. Bettie K. Johnson Mbayo.

Mrs. Bettie Johnson Mbayo is a Liberian freelance journalist, with over nine years of professional working. She is one of the founders of The Stage Media (TSM) a Liberian media company specializing in fact- checking, Investigation and Human Interest Stories.

Her career has also landed her gigs with Truth FM and Front Page Africa Newspaper.

Mrs. Bettie Johnson Mbayo has over the years also dedicated her career to reporting health and human interest, women issues, political and judiciary stories and has been a staunch advocate for the rights and voice of journalist all around Liberia

In 2016, Bettie ran for the presidency for the Reporter association of Liberia and was denied on the basis of being too young to hold said position at the age of 30. She fought back and due to her resilience, the constitution was amended thereby allowing individuals under 30 to contest.

Moreover, being the only woman in the race, and often overlooked by her male counterparts, she fought against inequality for women in the media, and ageism. 

Bettie just won the Vice Presidency running for the for Press Union of Liberia.

Her work involves writing news stories, providing professional guidance to reporters within the entity. She has been nominated for an international award and has won six awards from the Press Union of Liberia.

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